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Let It Snow

You are either a person that hates snow or absolutely loves it. I am the latter. Every year living in Indiana, I have hopes for a White Christmas. Each year the weatherman will say there is a chance for snow, but I feel like they are saying that because they know they need to point people to the promise of a White Christmas. I remember one Christmas when I was little when we had a good blanket of snow for Christmas; it was magical! My Aunt Sandy had sent us some "Reindeer Food" to set out for Santa's reindeer. If you don't know what that is, it's literally oatmeal and glitter.

The following day when we went outside to check, the food was gone, large boot prints were leading up to the door (we didn't have a chimney), and reindeer and sled tracks went through the yard and disappeared at the roadside. It was magical. I'm still not 100% how all of that was done. When I think of snow, I think of several different things:

Snow Represents Quiet

Did you know that there is science behind why it seems more peaceful and quiet outside after it snows? It isn't that people are less out and about. That is part of it, but that snow will deafen sound by up to 60% (University of Kentucky, 2016). It is quieter and more peaceful outside when it snows because noise is literally removed/absorbed. Maybe this Christmas season, you need to be intentional about putting in some quiet space to get the calm and peace you want. After a get-together, maybe have some quiet in the car. This is especially good for over-sensitized kiddos after a family event.

Snow Represents Rest

We don't run around as much when it snows. No one likes cleaning off their car. Find some time to do a hobby. This is how I started painting! I will be hosting some rounds on online paintings in 2023! Make sure you follow my Facebook page to get the announcements! This is where I will be hosting them. I will post the materials needed and offer kits if you want me to organize them for you. During the winter months, come join my online paint club!

Snow Represents an Invitation to Gratitude

Without cold, we cannot appreciate the warmth. Without winter, we cannot appreciate Spring. Even if you hate snow (I mean, are we really friends at that point? But I digress...), take this time to appreciate the things that remind you to be grateful. I am thankful for a warm house, a husband who doesn't mind shoveling the driveway, and family that is still with me. It snowed the day of my Granny's funeral, and I will never forget the quiet at the gravesite that day. What can you take the time to appreciate today?

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