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Those Special Places

I have an addiction to journals. I do. I love the beauty of the outside of them. I love the possibilities that are promised with empty pages. I have so many different kinds of journals, yet so many of them are still filled with empty pages. I have one for travels where I try and capture the essence of a trip. I can open that one up and smell the seawater as I read or feel the hot sun on my skin from a trip to Brazil. It allows me to getaway.

Books do this to me as well. I love reading historical fiction. You get to go to places that once were and experience life in a way that once was. You become family with the people are reading about. There is such sadness when a perfect book ends. I have found several times reading a series of grieving that I will never find another book series I love as much as I just closed.

It allows me to dive into memories in both books and journals and sit in places that I would call special. Some books I read are there to challenge me. They are there to challenge the future and where I want to go as a person. This type of book is way more fun with friends and people you love because there is an anchor to "God loves you just as you are" in that space.

This is why I have created a "Between Friends Book Circle." I want to adventure with other people through books and hear what you are hearing and seeing. Especially in these upcoming winter months! I want to invite you to this cozy place among friends to enjoy a good read and enjoy community with other book lovers. If you know of anyone interested, make sure you invite them before Monday, October 26th! I will close the group on that day for a time. I'm excited to see what adventures we are going to take together. Who is joining us? What books would you recommend for our first adventure together? Head over to to register!

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