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Foggy Days

One of the beautiful parts of September is the fog created in the morning. Where the ground has been heated by the afternoon sun the day before. The lingering effects of Summer and the morning cool air create a misty cool fog that promises the autumn season. Forcing a slow down of our morning commutes. Making us be present with what is right in front of us.

I'll never forget the time that my husband and I decided to drive up to Newfound Gap in Tennessee. I was so excited to show him the view from there. We enjoyed the trip up, but at each pull-off, I kept saying to him, "just wait until we get to the top!" As we got closer, the fog was thicker. It was so thick you could barely see in front. We drove slower and slower as we made our way to our destination. When we finally got there and got out of the car, you could barely see your hand in front of your face. It was so thick. We drove all that way to see nothing, but I knew that there was a beautiful view underneath all of this fog.

We had a choice at that moment. To be honest, I made the wrong one. This didn't meet my expectation. I was frustrated. I had this moment built up in my head, getting to show Chris something special from when I was growing up, and to me, it was ruined. For him, though, it was getting to be there with me. He hugged me and said, "next time! Let's walk a bit and enjoy the cool air before we attempt the drive down." Hand in hand, we walked through the fog together. Being present with each other. Where I worked on letting go of what I wanted to experience versus what was.

Our walk with God and our faith can be like this sometimes. We know it's there. We have experienced it before, but for whatever reason, in this season, it's hard to see it. This is when we need to lean on God at that moment. Trusting Him in the areas we cannot fully see. Read Psalm 23 He is for you. He is with you. Find ways to be grateful in this foggy season you might be in. What can you be grateful for right now when it's hard to see what's in front of you?

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